• How to Apply
  • How does the applicator tube work? How do I apply it?


    To apply, unsnap the slotted over-cap. With one or both hands, squeeze the tube firmly to get the cream started out the hole. Squeeze hard. After this initial squeeze the cream will come out more easily. Now with one hand, continue squeezing the tube, rub the applicator over your foot taking care to thickly cover problem areas such as heels, bunions, toes and the soles of your feet. Don’t worry if the coverage is uneven or lumpy. This is normal.

    Starting at your toes with your sock mostly inside-out, roll /pull your sock on and up over your heel. Don’t drag your sock on as this could wipe away some cream leaving exposed areas.

    Wipe off excess cream from the applicator (on the inside of your sock) and snap-on the slotted over-cap.

  • Should I rub it in, or layer it on?


    If you are going to be engaged in your activity for a long time (i.e. hours): Apply Thickly. Foot Kinetics protective foot creams create a friction-free layer between your skin and sock which reduces the abrasive rubbing that causes foot blisters and calluses. A thicker layer provides optimum protection.

    We’ve also been told by many of our customers who wear flip-flops and high heels that rubbing a smaller amount of SilkStep™ on the tops and around the sides of their feet really helps keep their feet comfortable as well as moisturizing dry skin and smoothing cracked heels.

  • Do I need to re-apply HikeGoo or RunGoo mid-day during my hike to ensure I don’t get blisters?


    No. Don’t take off your boots or shoes. One thick application of HikeGoo or RunGoo lasts all day.

  • Will SilkStep™, WalkGoo™, RunGoo™ or HikeGoo™ stain my feet or socks?


    No. All Foot Kinetics’ foot creams are pigment free. They do, however, contain lanolin, waxes and oils and these will naturally absorb into and darken leather and some fabrics.

  • Your products are thick and waxy. Will I have to wash them off later?


    No. That sensation you feel is the protective friction-free nature of our products. Reducing friction is what protects feet from blisters and callus formation. All our products contain lanolin and both hard and soft waxes and oils. They will completely absorb into your skin after your activity leaving your feet soft and smooth with no residue.

  • What is the slot for in the over-cap for?


    The slot slides over a wall display peg used in retail stores.

  • Blisters 101
  • What causes blisters?


    Foot blisters are formed when the outer epidermis skin layer of skin becomes fixed to the sock because of friction, sweat and a general lack of lubrication. When this happens, the outer epidermis layer of skin moves in-sync with the shoe and out-of-sync with the lower dermis skin layer. The body protects the lower dermis layer by forming a blister.

  • What causes calluses?


    Foot calluses are formed when an area of skin is exposed to repeated friction and rubbing. The body protects that area from damage by thickening and toughening the epidermis and dermis.

  • Can I use Foot Kinetics’ protective foot creams to treat existing blisters?


    If Foot Kinetics’ protective foot creams were not used before the activity and blisters formed, treat the condition as prescribed by your doctor. Foot Kinetics protective foot creams are to be used only on closed healthy skin.

  • Can I use Foot Kinetics’ protective foot creams on a broken blister or other open wound?


    Foot Kinetics’ blister prevention creams are proven to be extremely safe and are to be used only on closed healthy skin and not open wounds.

  • Will Foot Kinetics’ foot creams help my feet, even if I’m not prone to blisters or calluses?


    Yes, Foot Kinetics’ protective foot creams contain natural jojoba, mimosa and sunflower waxes mixed with lanolin. They protect and moisturize your skin leaving feet soft, smooth and feeling rejuvenated. WalkGoo, in particular, is great to use everyday.