About us

Hi!  We are Carl and Rick, the founders of Foot Kinetics.  We are inspired by helping people make ‘purposeful strides’ in their lives. Whether they walk for charity, run for health, play as part of a team, hike to a summit, work to support their families, or defend our country, we are proud to make foot care products that alleviate foot problems and help people progress in their lives.

We are both avid hikers and climbers.  We have climbed a lot of mountains.  We are also both scientists and spent most of our lives fixing problems.  Over the years, we tried just about every blister prevention product on the market and we weren’t happy with any of them.  So we fixed that….we came up with our own.  It is a unique barrier cream that is specifically formulated to last all day on your feet….preventing blisters.

We’re also proud to make our protective foot care creams in the US, providing local jobs and building local businesses.