HikeGoo Regular Size 5.5oz


HikeGoo Protective Foot Cream provides a friction barrier between the skin and sock that protects feet from blisters, nerve abrasion and foot fatigue all day. High melting point waxes slow its skin absorption to create a protective layer that stays on the skin’s surface and is highly effective in helping prevent blisters on feet in both wet and dry conditions.  HikeGoo absorbs completely by day’s end and socks easily wash clean.

Benefits: All day foot blister protection and callus reduction while wearing boots and stiff footwear in rugged terrain while carrying a pack or equipment.

Effective for: hiking, military, hunting, fishing, law enforcement, fire and rescue




HikeGoo™, RunGoo™WalkGoo™, and SilkStep™ foot creams are good for feet because they prevent blisters and provide moisturization.   All of our products help avoid foot problems by forming a friction-free layer between the skin and sock.  This protective layer reduces rubbing and friction and so relieves a variety of foot problems including blisters, callus formation, soft tissue bruising, and sore feet. Each formulation is different and contains a balance of hard wax, lanolin, and natural vegetable waxes to moisturize and protect feet from abrasion and foot fatigue.

Each of our protective foot creams is formulated for specific activities and footwear.  The relative percentage of hard vs soft waxes in each product’s formulation enables it to perform optimally for that activity.  The more hard wax, the longer the product stays on the skin’s surface and the slower it absorbs.  HikeGoo has the most hard wax and will last in the harsh environment of a boot on an all-day climb.  The higher percentage of soft waxes in the foot cream, the greater absorption and dry skin moisturization.  SilkStep has the most soft waxes and is optimized for moisturization.

Rather than repelling moisture or attempting to block sweat, our unique formulations actually absorb sweat and moisture to become even more effective in reducing friction between the skin and sock.  This is why they are highly effective in both dry and wet conditions to protect feet from blisters, callus formation, and skin damage.

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Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 7 x 3 x 2 in