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Here is what people are saying about Foot Kinetics’ protective foot creams:

“Thank you for the great HikeGoo product …I am 100% sold”
Ralph Perez –  Pacific Crest Trail, Mexico-Canada

“You’ve definitely got another convert to HikeGoo! Fantastic product. I’ve been using Body Glide for the past nine years for my training and in the 3-Day walks. I used HikeGoo for two 14 mile training walks and my feet felt great, during and after the walks”.
-Kate Powell – Cromwell, Connecticut

“After walking in 14 Breast Cancer 3 Days, I thought I’d tried every possible blister prevention, remedy, etc.   Just tried HikeGoo..OMG—-phenomenal product; 60 miles and not one blister, NOT ONE!  Not a little one, not a hot spot,,,,nada.  I love  HikeGo”!
-Kathy DiRusso – Leominster, Massachusetts

“Last year I ended up with a blister on each foot after walking the 3 days, 60 miles.  This year, the HikeGoo even cleared up the couple little blisters that had before I started using it”!
-Marilyn Richtmyer – Carlsbad, California

“Thanks for making such functional products”.

-Sherry Allison –  Paia, Hawaii

“I ran a 50 miler in Charlston, SC right before Christmas and the RunGoo again made ultra history in my book.  Ran it in 7 hr and 40 min and finished ahead of 2nd place.  The Goo is amazing.  Ran a 4 mile stretch on the beach between mile 20 something and back again around mile 38 – had sand in the shoes and the RunGoo seemed to protect me from any visible signs of chafing or blistering.  Not one!  Goonanamously the best product I have ever used”!
-David Bartholomew – Charleston, South Carolina

“Thank You!!  My son loves RunGoo.  His feet blister very easy, this has helped so much”!!!
-Victoria Regina – Westhaven, Connecticut

“The only thing feeling great at the end of that hike was my feet”!  WalkGoo is a great product”!
Paula McColgan – Encinitas, California