Why it works

The simple answer is that our barrier creams stick around much longer than any other blister prevention or anti-chafe products on the market.  They contain a high percentage of specialty hard waxes.  These waxes make the products persistent….make them stick around all day to provide a protective layer that reduces rubbing, friction, calluses and blisters.  Most other anti-chafe and blister prevention products are dimethicone-based.  They are OK for thighs and chest but are too thin to stand up in the harsh environment of a shoe and you can’t apply enough to last all day.

There is so much hard wax in the HikeGoo, RunGoo, and WalkGoo emulsions, that if they cool down from the temperature that they are created without special processing, they become a hard lump in the tube that will not come out of the half inch tube opening!  What we were able to figure out that nobody else has, is how to adjust the rheology (deformation and flow) of the product so that it can flow out of a tube.

The other key to our product’s persistence is the balance of lanolin alcohol in the emulsion.  It is balanced to absorb water or excess sweat and make the emulsion “slipperier”.  So we take the ever-present moisture at the skin-sock interface that usually contributes to blister formation, and integrate it into our products and actually make them better…slipperier.

And the beauty of the persistent emulsion is that all the while it is preventing blisters, it is also moisturizing your feet..so you can have blister prevention AND healthy feet.


RunGoo Diagram

Diagram depicting how RunGoo™* protects feet from skin damage and nerve abrasion by creating a protective friction-free layer between the skin and sock which reduces rubbing, blisters on feet, calluses and sore feet.

* and all our protective foot creams